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About Roterfeld

Who is Aaron Roterfeld?

Press biography by Verena Reuther

"For me, Rock is all about knocking the square peg into the round hole"
Aaron Roterfeld


"They have given me many names", he sings in his single "King of This Land" and in real life many names have indeed been given to Aaron Roterfeld. For the media, he has been the 'David Bowie of Dark Rock'; for his mother the source of many sleepless nights and for his professional companions, he’s simply obsessed. But who is this restless rocker from Vorarlberg really?


"For his songs, only the best is good enough for the man with the penetrating eyes and the Bowie attitude", writes the Sonic Seducer.  Aaron Roterfeld starts at the very point where others think they have already made it. An incredible coincidence provided the opportunity for him to impress the gold, platinum and Grammy-accustomed Berman Brothers, who had already produced Coldplay, Hanson and Cher, with a few of his demos. Promptly, other famous producers jumped on the bandwagon as well. Finland’s hit-maker Hiili Hiilesmaa (HIM, Lordi, Apocalyptica) and 70s/80s art-rock legend Frank Bornemann (Eloy, Guano Apes, Helloween) produced more of the Austrian dark rocker’s tracks for the first album "Blood Diamond Romance", which made Roterfeld's debut skyrocket to number 2 of the German rock charts (DAC) in 2011. Soon, he found himself on the covers of numerous music magazines. The highest entry ever achieved by an Austrian in the German DAC-charts was followed by a nomination for Austria's AMADEUS, the title of "Best Newcomer" in the Sonic Seducer's readers' poll and an extended live tour that brought him onto some of the largest festival stages in Germany and Austria. For the movie release of "Breaking Dawn", Twilight Magazine’s cinema trailer feaured his song "Great New Life" in movie theaters all across Germany.

What stirs him, Aaron calls "his demon". It’s been with him since earliest childhood, driving him and feeding his compulsive thirst for adventure. As a child, he steals away into the forest at night. When he sings "Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark" in the opening song of this first album, is it because he has never known this fear of the unknown? Aaron: "Of course I have. I just realised at some point that fear is not a good advisor. Fear is only the misuse of our imagination; we should use our imaginative power in a more worthwhile way. "

With the trees no longer able to terrify him, he departs to Japan all on his own at the age of sixteen to become a karate master. Stranded in a martial arts school in Tokyo, he sleeps between the boxes in the school's attic by night and takes part in training by day. Only two months later, Roterfeld is back in Austria, flat broke and reformed - for now.

But the demon stirs again. Aaron wants to break out, far away. He keeps a huge machete and a bottle of suntan lotion (factor 50) stashed away in a corner cupboard, ready for the day he leaves again - this time for Africa! There’s no dramatic showdown. Once more, his parents support him and let him go, at seventeen. „I wanted to get out, into the wilderness. Better to be devoured by a lion at 18 than run over by a small town bus at 30." For six months, he struggles through Botswana, Tanzania, Namibia, Zimbabwe, Mozambique, Malawi and Kenya – an incredible distance. From that point on, one thing is finally clear for Aaron: There is no such thing as "I can’t"!

He hosts a radio programme for the Austrian public broadcaster ORF, sets himself up in business with a recording studio and a software company and rocks the largest stages in the country - from Nova Rock in the South to M'era Luna in the North: still nowhere near enough for Aaron. Once the last chord is struck, the restless multi-talent is drawn to travel on. He dedicates himself to education, humanitarian projects and the protection of the environment and when he gets hit by tear gas during a demonstration in Lebanon in 2015, he fires back with a new, politicized video version to his hit song "Blood Diamond Romance".

Instinctively, Roterfeld succeeds in connecting musical output with his everyday alter ego. Floating on driving rock riffs, he writes music and lyrics before submerging – just hours later – into algorithms for the latest multimedia technologies. But when it comes to breathing life into his ideas, he reveals another facet of his personality: the detail-driven conductor who strives to stamp his influence on everything – from the first note of rehearsals to the final concert crescendo. The captain who always ventures out a bit further than initially agreed. The night owl who keeps working when others have long since gone to sleep - that is, of course, until they’re woken up by his phone calls…

Now Roterfeld is back on the musical scene once again. In September 2017, the new single "King of his Land" is released, followed by the spectacular video to "Bring Your Own Star to Life" in November. The new album "Hamlet at Sunset" is waiting in the wings and set to be unleashed in 2018.

Genre: Rock, Dark Rock, Gothic Rock, Art Rock, Alternative Pop, New Progressive Rock


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