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The new website! Never completely finished, but at least fully online!

2010年 11月 12日(金曜日) Written by  Raphael

We spent an entire month sorting, cutting, laying out and writing to present for you now, fresh off the presses, the official Roterfeld website.


Judging by all of the material that accumulated in our editing office, you would think that Roterfeld must have been around already for a hundred years. In actuality, the first album has yet to be released if you don't count the many smaller CDs and other offerings of the last few years (which we can unfortunately not publicize here). One thing is certain, however:

The new album „Blood Diamond Romance“is now moving within reach and the thrill of anticipation is in the air. After a year of production in Helsinki, Prague and LA, the most head-on Roterfeld songs ever are awaiting you. The style of the new album is straight up, direct, bittersweet and is already waiting for your innocent hearts with a somber smile.

Abonniert doch gleich den kostenlosen Newsfeed und schaut öfters mal rein. Ab Erscheinen des neuen Albums könnt Ihr wöchentlich eine Stunde mit Aaron Roterfeld chatten! Wir hoffen unsere Seite gefällt Euch – wir bleiben jedenfalls dran.

Subscribe now to the free newsfeed and take a regular look at what's going on. When the album has been released, you'll have the opportunity to chat online with Aaron Roterfeld for an hour each week! We hope you like our site—we're certainly staying tuned.

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