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Roterfeld and the Symphony Orchestra of Prague

Written by Raphael 수요일, 10 2월 2010


The Symphony Orchestra of Prague provides instrumentalization for the new Roterfeld song and brings a new shine to the 60's cult oldie with its massive offering of classical strings. The familiar, somber Roterfeld guitar sound renders the song into a superlative sound experience...

Roterfeld by Neil Zlozower

Written by Raphael 목요일, 10 12월 2009


No less a figure than rock photography icon Neil Zlozower took the photos for the „Blood Diamond Romance“album. This legendary rock photographer has worked together with  AC/DC, Aerosmith, Alice Cooper, Led Zeppelin, Metallica, Nirvana, Queen, U2, ZZ Top and many others...

LA calling!

Written by Raphael 일요일, 29 11월 2009

Am Strand von Venice

At Venice Beach



Endlich ist es soweit und die Produktionen für das neue Roterfeld Album "Blood Diamond Romance" starten. Die Berman Brothers haben in LA schon kräftig die Regler vorgewärmt und so geht´s gleich am zweiten Tag voll zur Sache. "Das war auch höchste Zeit, sonst hätte uns Robb noch mehr Verstärker und Gitarren angeschleppt", lästert Aaron. Wir wissen natürlich, dass nur der Neid aus ihm spricht, denn während Robb all seine Gitarren-Lieblinge um sich hat ist der arme Aaron ganz allein da drüben :-)

BIOGRAPHIE (von Marion Boch)

Written by Raphael 일요일, 01 11월 2009

Aaron Roterfeld was born in Austria (Innsbruck –Tirol) and moved with his mother to a small mountain village in the province of Vorarlberg when he was six years old. He received his first four years of instruction from his father, who served as a teacher at the local school. His mother, a teacher for classical piano and flute, instructed him in piano from an early age. He later took lessons and then taught himself to play the guitar...

He began to write his first songs at the age of fourteen. Already at this time, most of his song ideas would emerge during secret night forays into the forests of Gebhardsberg. At this time he also developed a passion for the martial arts. With his parents‘support, he received intensive training in aikido and karate. At the age of sixteen, he wrote „Nothing Lasts But The Past, “a song that he re-produced, all but unaltered, as a bonus track for the new album in 2010.

Breakfast near Fishriver Canyon - Namibia

Breakfast near Fishriver Canyon - Namibia

So far, so good. But now things turn strange. At sixteen, he persuades his parents to let him go to Japan to continue his training and become a karate master. Okay?!
Here you can see what watching too many Bruce Lee films can lead to. And so it actually came to pass that a way too young Roterfeld departed for the Land of the Lotus Blossoms and was accepted as a student by a dojo for Kyokushin-Karate in Tokyo's Sangen-Jaya district. And since so much youthful cockiness cannot go unpunished, Aaron quickly found himself at the receiving end of a good, continuous drubbing.· After all, the Japanese were obliged to demonstrate for him just who had invented karate in the first place.
After getting beat up sufficiently, and with money running low, Aaron returned to Austria. He thought it might be preferable to return to school for another year to tranquilly think up new ways of driving his parents crazy.

So, after a year of contemplation he actually came up with a great idea: Quit school, earn some money and then go to Africa. Not bad, right? Of course, it’s well-known that travelling is conducive to thought and thus Aaron conjured up· a few new ideas on the way...


Canoe lost - belongings lost - sailor screwed···&···1st horsetrip, at Dopdropolous Farm, Zimbabwe

With a compass and more luck than sense he crosses the wildlife reserve of Chief's Island in the Okawango Delta (Botswana), rides on horseback through the Eastern Highlands of Zimbabwe for several weeks and finally comes up with the idea of shipping from Tanzania to Kenia in a dugout canoe.· But the decrepit canoe doesn't make it far, sinking man and luggage after only a few hundred meters.

Music-wise, it has been a journey of discovery for Aaron as well. He played with indigenous musicians and caught interest in the fascinating mythology of the African music, which is said to be able to conjure ghosts and the ancestors' spirits and voices. In Tanzania, Aaron even worked with an African instrument maker for a couple of days.

At 18 he finally returned home and finished school as an external student. At the same time, he succeeded in being cast as a radio host for the national Austrian radio ORF and presents his first radio shows. (They must have been out of their minds!)

Morningshow at ORF Studio

Morningshow at ORF Studio

At 21 he moves on to a privately-run channel, where he was given his own program. In cooperation with the broadcasting directors he founds his own recording studio one year later. To this day, many of his songs come to life in there.

His music career finally took an unexpected turn, when the Berman Brothers, two music producers from the USA, come to Austria for a wholly different production project. The duo, who had already been awarded with a Grammy and 80 gold and platinum records, temporarily stayed in Bregenz for a music production with the American TV channel PBS. With the perfect opportunity and a few beers for everyone, Aaron played his demos to Frank Berman.

"Holy Shit!" - The songs blew him away enough to take Aaron to LA, where Christian Berman produced several songs of the first Roterfeld album. Where 2-3 beers can lead to!

Roterfeld producing with the Berman Brothers

Roterfeld producing with the Berman Brothers

Personal contacts of Frank Berman even took Aaron to Prague in 2010, where he recorded the strings for his cover version of the 60's cult classic "Sealed With a Kiss" and later the song Malalai with no other than the Prague Symphony Orchestra in a studio of the Czech Broadcasting Corporation.


Aaron with orchestra in the large studio of the Czech Broadcasting Corporation


In April 2010 his journey went on to the high north of Finland, where Roterfeld produced further songs for his record with rock producer Hiili Hiilesmaa (HIM, Lordi, Apocalyptica). His most important songs from this era are „Don't Be Afraid Of The Dark“ and „Stop“, which spiced up the album with their powerful combination of guitar and synthesizer riffs.

The song "Great New Life", which was to become the first single from the album "Blood Diamond Romance", has not been written before February 2011. The production of that song finally took place in the famous Horus Studios of artrock legend Frank Bornemann, who also acted as executive Producer and musical mentor.


Aaron shooting the video for his first single "Great New Life"



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