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For Daywalkers Only

Written by Raphael 2010年 7月 02日(金曜日)

Aaron Roterfeld returned to Helsinki and stayed until July 5th to mix some of the songs with legendary Finnish mixer Juha. With the sun shining 20 hours a day, this is a job that only a daywalker can handle...

Producer Hiili Hiilesmaa produziert die neuen Roterfeld-Songs

Written by Raphael 2010年 4月 12日(月曜日)

Roterfeld Goes North

To produce the latest songs on his new album, Roterfeld is going to none other than Hiili Hiilesmaa. Hiilesmaa is one of the best Rock music producers of today, with much of his work reaching Gold and Platinum. The Finn produces the work of bands such as HIM, Lordi, Apocolyptica, and many others...


Bettina Kogler interviewed Aaron Roterfeld:


Bettina Kogler:

After your recordings with the Berman Brothers in LA, you’re now working with Hiili Hiilesmaa, another star producer at the controls. Why the change?

Roterfeld and the Symphony Orchestra of Prague

Written by Raphael 2010年 2月 10日(水曜日)


The Symphony Orchestra of Prague provides instrumentalization for the new Roterfeld song and brings a new shine to the 60's cult oldie with its massive offering of classical strings. The familiar, somber Roterfeld guitar sound renders the song into a superlative sound experience...

Roterfeld by Neil Zlozower

Written by Raphael 2009年 12月 10日(木曜日)


No less a figure than rock photography icon Neil Zlozower took the photos for the „Blood Diamond Romance“album. This legendary rock photographer has worked together with  AC/DC, Aerosmith, Alice Cooper, Led Zeppelin, Metallica, Nirvana, Queen, U2, ZZ Top and many others...

LA calling!

Written by Raphael 2009年 11月 29日(日曜日)

Am Strand von Venice

At Venice Beach



Endlich ist es soweit und die Produktionen für das neue Roterfeld Album "Blood Diamond Romance" starten. Die Berman Brothers haben in LA schon kräftig die Regler vorgewärmt und so geht´s gleich am zweiten Tag voll zur Sache. "Das war auch höchste Zeit, sonst hätte uns Robb noch mehr Verstärker und Gitarren angeschleppt", lästert Aaron. Wir wissen natürlich, dass nur der Neid aus ihm spricht, denn während Robb all seine Gitarren-Lieblinge um sich hat ist der arme Aaron ganz allein da drüben :-)

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