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Video clip for Don´t Be Afraid Of The Dark - Part 2

Written by Raphael 2010年 10月 29日(金曜日)

The second part of the music video „Don't Be Afraid Of The Dark „is filmed in the forests near Lecknertal in Austria's Bregenzerwald. With four diesel generators, floodlights, cameras, sound system, fog machines and a crew of 16, night turns to day. Originally scheduled to end by 11.30 pm, the shoot went on until 3.30 am the next morning...

Video shoot for the website and “Don't Be Afraid Of The Dark”

Written by Raphael 2010年 10月 17日(日曜日)


Segments of the website intro and the new Roterfeld music video are filmed in the thick of the forest near the adventure park of Immenstaad, Germany. Guitarist Marcel Filler plays his instrument so hard that the venerable old tree trunks begin to bend. The filming only stops when it rains - to spare his guitar. You’ll still want to hear it on occasion, after all, and a downpour like this would send even the sturdiest guitar to Nirvana. Sinister inhabitants of the Germanic forests also appeared during the shooting of “Don't Be Afraid Of The Dark”. (See background)

Final Master

Written by Raphael 2010年 9月 20日(月曜日)

The final mastering of the new album „Blood Diamond Romance“is being carried out right now by the Finnish mastering specialist Svante Forsbäck. After finishing a big project for Rammstein, the Finn recently mastered the new album by „The Machine. “ His personal favorite from the new Roterfeld album is „Stop“...

Back in Berlin

Written by Raphael 2010年 8月 14日(土曜日)

Aaron is back in Berlin's ML Audio to remix a few songs with sound engineer Lennert Hörcher.

All Free Men Are Citizens Of Berlin

Written by Raphael 2010年 7月 25日(日曜日)


Roterfeld meets with Christian Berman at ML-Audio in Berlin to remix the Berman production. A Berman must always be present during the final release of a Berman production—that’s understood!

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