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Written by Administrator 화요일, 05 12월 2017


Today we're taking off with our new single: "Bring Your Own Star To Life" is now available for download in online stores:

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And again, the music video comes with some suspense: More spectacular than any Roterfeld video before, action-packed and full to the brim with CGI, the SciFi fest to the song turns another round in the postproduction orbit, before it's finally landing on YouTube. See yourself if the result was worth all the effort in a few days, when we take off with the motto: "Some of us may be slaughtered, but they can't stop the rock!"

Check out the song in the Music & Lyrics section of this website and catch a glimpse of the video here:

The "King of This Land" music video has arrived!

Written by Administrator 금요일, 22 9월 2017


All good things are worth waiting for: The music video to the new single "King of This Land" is ready and will be released today!

Half measures have never been Aaron's thing. And when the release date of his new single drew close, the "King of This Land" proved himself to be a true King of the Perfectionists once more: Und so entpuppte sich der "King of This Land" kurz vor dem Single-Release vor zwei Wochen einmal mehr als König der Perfektionisten: Rather than presenting anything to his fans that doesn't fully meet his high standards, he preferred to release the song without the video in favor of going another extra mile with the latter. Instead, the single release has been accompanied by a "Making of" with insights from the first video shoot. An unusual step, but as Aaron always used to say: "When you do what everybody does, you won't get anywhere else than everybody else."

So he returned to the film sets once more to shoot additional scenes between the high mountains, dark forests and raging rivers of his Austrian homeland that provide the impressive backdrop for the live action scenes, in which Aaron and his band are rocking in misty nocturnal landscapes.

And now the long wait is rewarded with a visual feast: The "Game of Thrones" references in the lyrics are joined by opulent images from another fantasy story, set in a dark and outer-worldly realm. "The video is also about the battle with our own demons", says Aaron. "Nothing is as valuable as the time we have for the people and things that are really close to our hearts. But we always act, as if anything else is far more important."

Watch the video in HD quality on YouTube:

Lyrics & Chords: Music & Lyrics 


Get "King of This Land" now:

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The Dragon Rider of Dark Rock is back!

Written by Administrator 목요일, 07 9월 2017


The most fitting sound backdrop to sweeten the long wait until the next season of Game of Thrones may not come from Hollywood. Aaron Roterfeld sounds the call to storm the Seven Kingdoms: The Dark Rocker is back to pound our collective eardrums by unleashing his powerfully voiced and catchy epic "King of This Land" today. With heavy guitars and orchestral arrangements, he takes his listeners on a journey to another world between the impressive mountains of the Austrian Alps and the fantasy realms of Westeros.

With his first album "Blood Diamond Romance" in 2011, Aaron Roterfeld’s music career took off at the very point where others think they have already made it and he took the music world by storm with his melodic dark rock.

Now the "King of This Land" is sounding the horns for attack once more. With fat guitars and the opulent strings provided by the Prague Symphony Orchestra, the song seamlessly picks up the threads laid by the debut "Blood Diamond Romance" while even - as we've come to expect from Roterfeld - stepping up a couple of gears. While in alliance with wolves on the debut album, he won't settle for anything less than fully grown dragons on the new one.

Roterfeld's land, that's the high mountains, dark forests and raging rivers of his Austrian homeland. Even as a child, he used to roam them preferably at night and you'd almost expect the declared fantasy fan and habitual adventurer to have slipped through a portal into the fictional world of "Game of Thrones" on one of his wanderings. Anyway, his strolls have provided him with more than enough inspiration for an opulent fantasy video, which is going to accompany the new song with the fitting imagery from his dark and outer-worldly realm eventually. Never mind that its completion is still in progress - it's certainly no reason for the perfectionist Aaron to deprive the real world of the audio version of his new song any longer: "King of This Land" is available on Spotify, Amazon and iTunes from today!

The new album is already waiting in the wings as well: "Hamlet at Sunset", a title inspired by the 400th birthday of William Shakespeare, is set to be unleashed in 2018.

Get "King of This Land" now:

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You can also check out the new song in the Music & Lyrics section of this website!

And in this Making of-Video you can take a sneak peek into the production of the upcoming video:

Aaron Roterfeld von Tränengas-Projektil in Beirut getroffen

Written by Administrator 목요일, 27 8월 2015

Aaron Roterfeld von Tränengas-Projektil in Beirut getroffen - mit seinem Video Release heute Abend um 19.30 auf Youtube schießt er zurück! Bitte teilt diesen Link mit allen!!!

Aaron bleibt dabei weitgehend unverletzt und kann die Symptome mit Milch rasch lindern. Er beschließt darauf hin soviel Milch zu kaufen wie er tragen kann und in die Gefahrenbereiche zu bringen, wo Demonstranten unter akuten Vergiftungserscheinungen litten. 


Aaron Roterfeld unterstützt das Streben der Menschen im Libanon nach mehr Transparenz in der Politik und weniger Korruption. Aaron: „Eine korrupte Regierung zu bekämpfen ist ein purer Akt der Selbstverteidigung und Patriotismus. Ich wünsche mir, dass dieses Video dazu beiträgt, dass dieses Wochenende möglichst viele Menschen zu den Demonstrationen kommen. Semyeh - Peaceful!

Roterfelds Dark Start

Written by Raphael 화요일, 05 3월 2013


ROTERFELD´S DARK START - Köln, Samstag 27.04. im Underground Cologne

Es ist vollbracht. Das Glück war uns gewogen und so weht das Roterfeld-Banner am Samstag, 27.04. über dem coolsten Club der Stadt. Unsere Gitarren funkeln bereits düster in der Nacht und freuen sich auf Dich. Genieß ein exklusives Konzertereignis und entdecke das echte Roterfeld ohne zeitliche Zensur. Erlebe Songs, die wir noch nie live gespielt haben und hör zum ersten Mal alle Songs aus Blood Diamond Romance live, düstere Überraschungen und einen Vorgeschmack auf's neue Album.

Und das bei freiem Eintritt! Bitte unbedingt reservieren! Gute Idee!



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